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I want to drive

I came to driving pretty late really. I didn’t get my Learners license until I was 35 year old. Once I had a taste for it however, I never looked back. Driving wasn’t just about getting from a to b, it was freedom. I know that sounds really corny, and it probably is, but that’s what it was.

Of course 2019 changed all that. When I got home from hospital in the May, when I still had what I thought was control over my feet, I tried to drive, but nope. I couldn’t control my feet enough, and ended up bunny hopping down the street. After I got home the second time, I didn’t even try. I’d let my license lapse while I was hospital as I’d given up on driving as a thing all together.

Up until a few months ago I was still pretty sure that driving wasn’t going to be something that was in my future. Even with modifications to the car I face a huge hurdle in the neuropathic pain and spasms I was experiencing. At their worst they are completely debilitating, forcing me to basically go to bed for the duration (and this may be a number of hours). If I had one of those while driving that would be not so good.

Luckily (and fingers crossed) I seem to be getting on top of the pain/spasms with the combination of medication that I’m on. Between the Lyrica, Baclafin and CBD Oil the pain/spasms have settled down to the point where I’m actually going to start looking at getting the van modified with hand controls and learning how to drive.

What this means for this blog, is I’m going to be talking about the various tech options for people with disabilities when it comes controlling their mobility and either retaining or regaining a sense of independence.

I’m going to be talking about modifying vehicles for people in wheelchairs, I’m going to be talking about the future and the challenges that the first true EV enthusiasts face with the shift from internal combustion to electric transportation. Heck I might even look at how people with disabilities can learn how to fly.