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About Me

My name is James and I’m an incomplete paraplegic. I can walk a little with a frame but mostly I use a wheelchair to get around.

In my day job I’m a software developer and I’ve always had an interest in technology, in how things work.

About this site

Being disabled means having a relationship with technology that is going to be closer by necessity than the able bodied, whether it’s using a wheelchair to get around, or screen readers to browse the internet, technology becomes a part of our life.

This also means that there are questions around autonomy, around how and why and when these technologies are developed and built. How much input do People With Disabilities get when tech is developed, do we have to just accept what we’re given? Should we be involved earlier in the piece? Even basic questions like “Does this even work for me?”

So I hope to try and answer some of those questions. Now keep in mind that this site is just my opinions, just my thoughts. I would never ever dream to claim to speak for the whole population of People With Disabilities, that would be insane.